Anti-virus PVC/PET film

TouchShield™ is a range of self-adhesive antimicrobial and antiviral PVC and PET films designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. This is the latest innovation from British media manufacturer G-Tec Paper & Film.

Anti-virus PVC/PET film

The self-adhesive transparent film with a watermark can be discreetly attached to all commercial and non-commercial spaces, for example in shops, salesrooms, offices, offices, pharmacies or even public spaces.

The antibacterial TouchShield™ film can be applied to almost any surface. It can be a work or dining table top, counters, doors, doorbells, control panels, handles, doorknobs, touch screens and other surfaces or touchpoints where there is a risk of virus and bacteria transmission.

✔ Destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria and up to 99.98% of viruses according to ISO22196 and ISO21702 certification
✔ TouchShield™ watermark for easy identification of the protected surface
✔ Protects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
✔ 2 types of PVC and PET films
✔ Does not irritate or dry out the skin
✔ Contains no harmful particles
✔ Excellent durability
✔ Easy installation and maintenance
✔ Surface protection

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