Gekkotex™ self-adhesive textile wallpaper

Unique self-adhesive textile that is extremely easy and quick to apply for interior wall decoration. 

Gekkotex™ self-adhesive textile wallpaper


The properties of this unique material are hidden in its name. The specially designed adhesive guarantees trouble-free application on different types of interior base (plaster, plasterboard, wood, etc.), leaving no residue on the base when removed. A fine textile texture on the surface guarantees strength while suppressing unwanted light reflections. Because of its strength, Gekkotex™ is very easy to apply to smooth and even slightly rough surfaces. Customer experience suggests that it is much quicker to apply than wallpaper or adhesive PVC. Gekkotex™ is the easiest and fastest way to change and improve the interior of your home, office, restaurant, or shop. Gekkotex™ applied at IKEA (Sweden) Compatibility: Gekkotex™ is printable with all outdoor printer types – eco / mild / hard-solvent, UV, latex Gekkotex™ technical information

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